Three friends use their last summer as teenagers to discover Bulgaria, as nobody has ever shown it to them.

Year of production: 2018
Genre: Adventure, Documentary
Duration: 12 episodes
Directed by: Chris Zahariev
Cast: Chris Zahariev, Atanas Shipkov, Yassen Atanasov

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Cast: Chris Zahariev, Atanas Shippov, Yassen Atanasov
Directed by: Chris Zahariev
Edited by: Danail Kolev
Music: Angel Kovachev, Adriel Borshansky
Sound design: Dimitar Benkov

Episode 1 – False start

Episode 2 – Lost teeth and beautiful sunsets
The real adventure has begun! 

Episode 3 – Broken road
Cowing, brewing beans on the edge of rocks and breaking cars – three things we are fairly good at …

Episode 4 – The people from the moutnain
Drunkies are pushing our tent, we ride on motofresh, eat home made tomatoes and much more, stepping on the Danube Plain!

Еpisode 5 – By air and water 

Еpisode 6 – Honey, sweat and tears
Becoming more and more convinced of the simple goodness we carry!

Еpisode 7 – Man’s times and stories to remember
Catching a sea virus, drinking a 100-year lemonade, listening to Misho The Marine stories, playing cards in the Pensioners Club and much more!

Еpisode 8 – Straight to the mountain
Напряко през българското село зад границата, хижарската стая с насеко̀мите, *цамбур* сред лешоядите в Арда и напред към Източните Родопи!

Еpisode 9 – Higher, Further
Crossing the Bulgarian village ah the very west border, jumping in the Arda river among the vultures, and on again – to the Eastern Rhodopes!

Еpisode 10  – Wild Rhodopes

Еpisode 11  – Last encounters

Episode 12 – Back Home