A story of love and hatred, of fear, death and an ancient curse. A story about Michael and the love of his life – Lilith, a love that will reveal a dark secret, as old as the beginning of time.

Year of production: 2017
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Duration: 14:30 min.
Cast: Alexandra Shindova, Ivaylo Asparuhov, Antoaneta Palazova
Directed by: Stella Ivanova
Produced by: “STELA FILMS” LTD

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Cast: Alexandra Shindova, Ivaylo Asparuhov, Antoaneta Palazova, Victor Andreev, Alex Ivanov, Ivan Ivanov, Ivan Manov

Directed by: Stella Ivanova
DoP: Angel Balakchijski
Script: Plamen Marinov
Art director: Evelina Velichkova, Katharine Stoichkova
Sound: Ivan Manov, Maria Dimitrova
Music: Boyan Angelov, Maria Dimitrova
Edited by: Silvia Kolchakova
Produced by: Stella Ivanova
Production company: “STELA FILMS” LTD

Festival selections:

Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival 2017