Galya has lived for several months with her boyfriend Petyo in Milan. One day, an acquaintance of Galya offers her a job as a translator. On that day the life of them both changes forever.

Year of production: 2014
Genre: Drama
Duration: 17 min.
Starring: Gergana Pletnjova, Lazar Kirilov, Pietro Sarubi, Carola Jessica de Lucia
Directed by: Yassen Genadiev
Produced by: Civica Scuola di Cinema Lucchino Visconti

Directed by: Yassen Genadiev
Written by: Yasen Genadiev
DoP: Daniello d’Ercolle
Art designer: Martha Gabbas
Sound: Letizia Dechezari
Music: Michaela Fileva, Avenue
Editor: Yasen Genadiev
Assistant Operator: Pierre Fiaza
Makeup: Daniela Meliss, Julia Stallum
Producer: Andrea Randaccio, Pierre Fayatza
Producer: Civica Scuola di Cinema Lucchino Visconti
Executive Producer: Andrea Randazzo, Pierre Fayatza

Festival Selections:

In The Palace 2014
Naoussa International Film Festival
Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival
New York Urban Film Fest
Filofest Ljubljana
Golden rose FF
and 30 more

Festival Awards:

Best picture – La Lanterna FF in Genua, Italy