In three episodes three separations are exposed, preceded by the inner psychological absence of the protagonist. A man is divorcing his wife; two young women in the silence of worn out words, present in the already lost connection between each other; a grandmother stays alone at the table, fading in the space and in the memories of a little girl growing up. The only persisting thing is the old coffee maker.

Year of production: 2015
Genre: Drama
Starring: Iveta Grigorova-Zankova, Ventsislav Zankov, Antonia Milcheva, Tsveta Ermenkova, Boyana, Stoyanka Kalinkova
Directed by: Ventsislav Zankov
Produced by: Ventsislav Zankov

Supported by:

Director: Ventsislav Zankov
Screenwriter: Ventsislav Zankov, Jacques Prever
DoP: Andrei Asparuhov
Art director: Ventsislav Zankov
Editor: Ventsislav Zankov
Voiceover: Violina Hristova, Petya Petkova
Sound: Ventsislav Zankov
Assistant Director: Antonia Milcheva
Composing and color corrections: Georgi Svetlomirov
Producer: Ventsislav Zankov